Wengie’s Boyfriend Does Her Makeup

Wengie is a popular vlogger on YouTube and a celebrity in her own right. She has come to be known as an authority in make up and hairstyles by recording tips and uploading them to her YouTube channel.

Wengie recently posted a video of her and her long-time boyfriend playing with her makeup. In the video, Wengie tells her boyfriend to do her makeup and make her look like Selena Gomez. Her boyfriend is a good sport and spends a considerable amount of time picking through her enormous selection of make up products in order to find the right colors to do the job. Wengie has so many different brushes and eyeshadows available that it seems quite easy for her boyfriend to find the ones he is comfortable using.

Right off the bat her boyfriend selects a makeup brush to apply the foundation and Wengie quickly objects stating that she loves her brushes and doesn’t want them ruined. Her boyfriend stands corrected and begins applying the foundation with the appropriate applicator.

Throughout the video the commentary is heartwarming and funny. The dynamics between these two love birds is charming. As her boyfriend fumbles through the makeup applying it in an almost clumsy manner, Wengie finds humor in the situation and is very trusting. Wengie is definitely a brave girl to let her boyfriend use her products giving him very limited instructions on how to apply them.

In the end, Wengie’s boyfriend does a spectacular job of applying her makeup and she doesn’t look half bad. She even closely resembled the picture of Selena Gomez that she initially showed her boyfriend. The video was very candid and sweet, showing a glimpse of the relationship between the two lovers. This video gives viewers an intimate look into Wengie’s life and relationship with her boyfriend.


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Sanjay Shah – Success in Philanthropy

An interview podcast conducted by Eric Dye was found to reveal some interesting information on successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sanjay Shah. He suggests that entrepreneurs should seek helps from others, and not necessarily think they can do everything on their own. Successful companies need to hire capable employees to help with the business structures. He hired two long time college friends to help aid in the financial part of the industry as well as the concert staging part of his new found charity called Autism Rocks. He also founded Solo Capital before producing Autism Rocks where he successfully entered into the millions after a few short years. The company grew rapidly and he was able to semi retire from Solo Capital, and solely concentrate on Autism Rock.

Autism Rocks was launched in 2014 and was founded in efforts to raise money to help aid in researching the neurological condition and provide others with the information and education to better understand the condition. More people are becoming diagnosed with autism everyday, and it is becoming more widely known across the world. It is not fully understood on how to control the condition. There is no cure for autism, but Shah would like the opportunity to better understand the condition so that he can help his son, who was diagnosed in 2011 when he was only two years old, as well as others who are trying to live with autism. It can be hard to treat, but with the donations made from Autism Rocks, it will most definitely help aid in the process.

Sanjay Shah wasn’t always involved in charities and financial investment companies. He originally attended King’s College in London to study medicine. He wanted to become a doctor, and then he decided that wasn’t something he wanted to do anymore and turned his major to accounting. He originated from Kenya and moved to central London with his family and to start his career. He has achieved much success throughout his life and is looking forward to the continuation of his companies as well as the generosity donated through Autism Rocks.

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Marc Sparks: In the Mind of a Serial Entrepreneur

Being a serial entrepreneur means one is always searching for the next big business idea. This quest engages the creative side of every individual. However, even the best business minds have to give themselves time to refine and incubate their ideas to guarantee success.

Marc Sparks is an example of an entrepreneurial genius, and this article seeks to explore his life and line of thought. Marc grew up in Dallas, Texas and gained an interest in building businesses while a young man. Eventually, he became an entrepreneur, and further success led him into venture capitalism.

Dallas is home to some of the best investment firms in America and therefore Marc always had options when looking for a financial partner to make his investments. He founded Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm that he uses to further his commercial interests. Through Timber Creek, Marc consults for other entrepreneurs and has gained a reputation of problem-solving especially in a financial crisis.

Timber Creek Capital has also taken the right direction in light of current economic instabilities. Marc Sparks knew he had to diversify his investment portfolio and thus has interests in some industries. Apart from the consulting side, he is a real estate developer, a venture capitalist, and a serial entrepreneur in the telecommunications sector. He is involved with three companies known as Cardinal Telecom. Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless respectively.

CNN said that Marc Sparks believes in empowering other entrepreneurs hence his drive to motivate through public lectures and literature. He never shies away from the opportunity to address a gathering of other business people, especially in Dallas. His expertise in entrepreneurship and venture capitalism affords him great tools and experience to pass on to others.

In fact, he even authored a motivational book for entrepreneur titled “They Can’t Eat You”. This book outlines n inspiring the personal story of how Mr. Sparks went from being an ordinary C student into an intelligent business mind.

Throughout his public life, Mr. Sparks has always expressed his belief that every individual can become a successful entrepreneur. All it takes is a creative mind, high energy, and self-drive as well as the motivation to get things done. Marc has started many ventures in his life, some of them remain under his private equity company while he sells the rest at a good profit. In fact, Marc states that he’s sold more than 50 startup successful firms.

On venture capitalism, Marc invests in companies with great business ideas that seem to capture an individual market. He funds such establishment with a motive of recouping his investment at a profit in the future. Since it’s a speculative business, there are specific aspects of the company and its management that inform his decision – Marc Sparks: More Business Than Usual.

For starters, Marc wants to see an impressive presentation that captivates and captures his attention. The presentation ought to list the unique and differentiated product or service offered by the startup. If the business has been running for a while, he advises the management to use their sales data to further their case for additional capital.

These numbers also capture the interest of the capitalist. Last and most importantly, he loves to see a laudable business plan bearing a strategy of how the additional capital will be used.

Learn more about him at: http://citrite.org/marc-sparks-a-business-success-story/

Why Investors Should be Worried

The stock market is one of the most complex aspects of the financial markets. There are a lot of people who are unsure of how to invest in the stock market over time. The good news is that there are often many years when the market continues to go up. Anyone who is looking for a place to invest their money can find a safe investment over time in the markets. However, George Soros has come out to say that the markets are becoming a lot like they were before 2008. This is bad news for investors, and anyone who is looking to invest in the markets needs to make sure they have a high risk tolerance. Listening to the prediction of George Soros is important for many reasons.

George Soros

There are few people who have as much knowledge in economics overall as George Soros. From an early age, he has studied the stock markets closely to learn how to invest in all types of markets. There are a lot of predictions that George Soros has made over the years that came out correctly. This is why it is so important for investors to listen when he has something to say. Unlike a lot of investment advisers, he is not afraid to go against the current trends of the market. There are opportunities to be made in the financial markets when things are going bad. This is an important point to remember about George Soros. George Soros is never afraid to speak the truth, and he knows that he can make money when the markets turn down.

Finding Value

One of the most important aspects about investing is finding some sort of value in the market. There are a lot of people who simply buy into the market when things are going well. However, the best time to buy is when the market as a whole is going down. This is typically when people will try to sell into weakness. Over time, anyone who is looking for a way to make money needs to find deals where other people cannot see them. With his latest prediction, George Soros says that the markets are a lot like 2008. This is the perfect time to buyer anyone when things go down at that level.

Future Investing

As an investor, it is vital to listen to advice from people who have experience in the field. There are few people who have as much experience as George Soros. Over the past few decades, he has helped to influence financial markets around the world. Anyone who is looking to learn how to invest for the future should look at his example over the long term.

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Lime Crime Lips Stand Out In A Crowd

If there’s one thing that really catches someone’s eye, it’s a bright lip color. That’s because bright shades aren’t only fun, they are also classy and glamorous. Red lips have been around for a very long time. They’ve been a sign of sophistication seen on movie stars across the globe and across the decades. Red lips are a modern trend that will never go out of style. If someone just looks around in today’s society, they will see that stars are still sporting them.

One of those stars is Kylie Jenner. Kylie loves her red lip so much that she’s seldom seen without it. It’s easy to see why. It’s because Kylie looks absolutely awesome! The bright lip she sports directly compliments her skin. It’s not all thanks to Kylies genetics however. A lot of it has to do with the type of makeup that she wears.

Kylie Jenner sports Lime Crime lipstick. At first glance, it’s easy to see why. The lipstick glides on her lips perfectly smooth. She doesn’t have to struggle or worry about it clumping up. It glides on smoothly and it stays on. The color is also anything but dull. It’s fun and is sure to draw the attention of others. The product stays put and kylie barely has to do any touch ups throughout the day. The best part is just how red the color is. Not many others can compare to how vivid this shade is. That’s what makes Lime Crime the best.

The Pinterest fan base feels Lime Crime is so different from store bought brands. This is because the makers behind Lime Crime really take the time to make each product perfect, as evidenced by Doe’s hard work on ILoveLimeCrime. That’s because Lime Crime won’t sell a product that Doe Deere, the founder, wouldn’t wear herself. Doe Deere always looks flawless repping the Lime Crime makeup products. She shows off her gorgeous lips, eyes, and hair. All of the products she uses can be found on the Lime Crime website. There is such a large variety of products that people can find just what they’re looking for. The different colors of lipstick and eye shadow appeal to a vast array of women and men.

Investment and Education with Brad Reifler

In order to profit from investing, education is important. There are a lot of factors that could stand in the way of a successful investment practice. Many people who try to invest find themselves losing a lot of money as opposed to actually profiting from their investments simply because they have very little knowledge about the world of investment. It takes a lot of education for one to become profitable. Also, experience is very important when it comes to making the right investments. Among the people that are worth seeking advice and education from is Brad Reifler. He has released five tips when it comes to investing.

He suggests to be careful with investments, diversifying your portfolio is important, think about the money’s safety, leave some money out of stocks, have knowledge about the people handling the money, and think about the reason behind investing. The most important thing to do is to find something that works and keep doing that. Part of this is in actually reading about the market and learning from successful people that have made their investments. They have stories that others can learn from and be inspired by. In this case, it is good to take from the example of the successful investors.

Brad Reifler is one investor that has plenty of stories of success. He has the experience of making profitable decisions in all market conditions. He runs Forfront Capital Markets as the CEO. He has founded Forefront in summer of 2009. His firm deals with investment banking as well as wealth management. Through his firm, he offers a lot of advice to different clients of different sizes. Some clients are either business institutions while others are mere individuals. Brad Reifler was also the founder of Pali Capital. He has grown this company into a power house holding more than $200 million on a yearly basis.  Follow Brad on Twitter as well.

Why Organo Gold’s Varieties are of Benefit to Beverage Lovers

Coffee and tea are a drink of choice for many people all over the world. Many relish the beverages’ ability to keep them alert and stimulated. The recent introduction of globally renowned varieties in the South African market by Organo Gold has raised exhilaration in the beverage and health sector. The move has been highly praised by coffee and tea lovers.

In what is seen as a move to gain dominance in the beverage-crazy nation, Organo Gold has infused the famed Ganoderma, which is a 4,200 year old herb whose origins can be traced to China. It has been dubbed “The King of Herbs” owing to its medicinal properties. The herb has alkalizing properties, aids in oxygen circulation and accelerates detoxification of the body. In addition, ganoderma controls soreness of body parts and also improves users’ immune system.

Clients can choose from a wide array of products. These include Café Latte, Black Coffee, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Green Tea, Red Tea and Black Tea. All these contain the magical herb and are packaged in boxes enclosing sachets. They also have a ready to drink formulation that allows drink lovers to enjoy their favorite hot drinks at any time as long as they have hot water. This negates the need to hunt for a coffee shop whenever one has a craving.

Important Notes about CEO Bernardo Chua

He is widely regarded as one of the shrewdest Asian entrepreneurs. Bernie, as he is commonly referred to by friends and family has also distinguished himself as a dominant force in the direct selling business. He has been at the helm of Organo Gold since he founded it. This period has been marked by immense success within and outside the business world. The highlight of it has been the expansion of the firm’s market to the European and African markets. The company has smaller affiliates, which operate under the names Organo Gold and Coffee Connoisseur.

Before starting out as an entrepreneur, CrunchBase indicates Chua worked in several multinationals. He served as an executive at Gano Excel Philippines. During this stint, he was pivotal in broadening the firm’s operations to markets in Hong Kong, Canada and USA. Later on, he shifted to the USA to serve as Gano Excel’s executive in charge of North America. Despite the fact that Organo Gold has been in existence for less than a decade, it has managed to become a force to reckon with in the direct sales business owing to his corporate finesse. Currently, it is ranked position 55 among the largest direct selling companies in the world.  Bernardo proudly declared as much on his Facebook.  His inspirational YouTube speeches must be working to motivate the troops.

How iFunding Has Revolutionized Real Estate Development

iFunding was co-founded by William Skelley and Sohin Shah in 2012 as a platform in real estate crowdfunding that connects thousands of investors and developers. The two modeled the big idea that Skelley had and managed to turn it into multi-million dollar company. The idea came after the realization that people have started relying heavily on crowdfunding for almost every other venture. It was therefore a great idea to introduce crowdfunding in the fastest growing real estate market. iFunding has since become the fastest and the easiest way to raise money in the real estate market for both the developers and the investors.

iFunding is among the oldest and largest platforms in the real estate crowdfunding. According to Skelley from the company Twitter, iFunding is actually the e-commerce of real estate investment. It is based in Manhattan, New York and has invested heavily in the United States and expanding its presence in Asia. The company’s specialties include real estate crowdfunding, real estate investment, crowdfunding, and real estate investing. The size of the company has significantly grown since its formation and today it employs up to 50 employees.

With as little as $5,000, investors can invest in the investment property that they have chosen. The investment opportunities offered include single family homes, high-rise developments, new developments, multi-family residences, office buildings and retail locations. iFunding deals with specialized equity investments and monitors each deal up to the end. In this way, it ultimately offers investment security in the market which is very important for investors.

iFunding is very unique as compared to other players in the market. It presents two investment options for developers and investors: to either lend money attracting a specified interest rates for real estate projects or even purchase equity from these projects. The company also has a mobile app which is available for the users of Apple and Android devices. It is the first in real estate crowdfunding market.

His interviews about iFunding make it abundantly clear William Skelley is an expert in alternative investment and focuses more on accredited crowdfunding. This is the term that he himself coined in 2012. While attended Harvard Business School for the OPM program where he got to meet Professor Clayton Christensen. He then started working at Christensen’s hedge fund.

It was while he working at the hedge fund that he realized that technological innovation was in dire need in the real estate industry. This is what would enable small scale investors to invest in the investment opportunities in the market. This is what led to the formation of iFunding.

Darius Fisher Discusses The Key To Employee Retention

Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher knows how vital it is to retain employees that consistently go above and beyond in their efforts at his company. There’s no way to ever really eliminate turnover in your company, but recently in Forbes Darius Fisher has offered up some highly effective insights into how you can raise employee moral, therefore reducing turnover. Fisher says he uses incentives to motivate employees to perform above expectations to makes sure that employees are happy at his firm.
He increases team’s satisfaction by offering incentives to provide staff longevity. His company personally acknowledges and rewards them publicly by congratulating them on a job well done. It may be a small gesture but increases the morale of the team to set their goals. Keep employees in the loop and they should be the first to know about news of the organization. If you really value keeping an employee around much longer, a worthwhile raise is in order.

Fisher also offers additional alternatives to his employees:
Offer Free Lunch Fridays
Every quarter he schedules a company activity out of the office where employees can have fun together
Keep track of everyone’s birthdays and ensure that there is a card and a little something waiting for them on their desk
Nurture creativity by placing local artwork, a library, etc in the office.

Darius Fisher started Status Labs in 2013. Status Labs is a premier online reputation management, PR, and digital marketing firm in the industry and have expanded their offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo. This company’s goal is to make client’s look their best in search results, and Fisher is very good at what he does. His clients include Fortune 500 brands, CEO’s, politicians, athletes, and public figures.

Fisher says the reputation recovery process of a business is based on the idea of what the public sees and reads online doesn’t always provide a complete or reliable picture, there are always two sides to every story, Fisher said.

The Relevance of Positive Public Image

Every professional serving in any office has a need to maintain a positive image. Failure to do this may lead to unfair crucifixion especially in these days where the internet platform has taken a huge toll people’s lives. Various positive actions can be wrongly interrupted by the public.

Melissa Click, a lecturer at the University of Missouri became the victim of circumstances when a clip featured her, preventing a journalist from covering the student’s protest surfaced online. Click has always supported equal treatment of minorities, but her emotions overrode her judgment during the protest.

The case was additionally complicated after another video surfaced showing her cursing at a police officer during the University’s Homecoming Parade on October 10. Her intentions however, were to protect the students during the parade.

Resulting Consequences
Click was suspended from teaching to pave way for investigations by the University board of curators, and has also been charged with a series of offences ranging from misdemeanor, and third degree assault. This has seen her appear in the headlines and most lawmakers are demanding that she be fired.

Latest developments on the case
She decided to go public and expressed herself following the way people were debating her actions. In her defense, she however acknowledged that her actions were clearly out of line and did not mean to be the cause of social unrest. Click, however remains optimistic that she will be able to go back to class after the investigations.

In support of Melissa click, Status labs firm which specializes in crisis management and online reputations, pinpoint that she has been unfairly cast by the public and media. After three months of silence, the firm assisted her to launch a public relations offensive and even had a photo release.

About Status Labs
Click’s misfortunes could not be supported by agencies better other than this firm. It was founded in 2011 Darius Fisher who acts as the current president. It is an international reputation management firm which assists leading brands and high profile individuals look their best online and in the media.

The Status Labs team is headquartered in Austin with offices in New York and Sao Paulo. On October 6, 2015 PRWeek recognized the top 50 rising stars of PR and digital communications, and Status Lab’s Darius Fisher was among them.